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Sunday, December 10, 2006


I've been thinking...yes, most of you would say that this is a most dangerous act and tell me to cease immediatley but, no. I like my thoughts. Well, some of them anyway and if I stop thinking those thoughts will no longer be with me and I would be hollow.

How's that for a piece of philosiphy, eh? Not all that good, I know but it'll do.

Now, what I was thinking about is exactly how "valuable" with little piece of cyberspace is. No, I am NOT thinking about putting in advertising I'm just considering how viable it is for me to keep coming back here every few months or so to tell you just that little bit more about my life. How many people actually read this? I would have to say at least one person will read this post and perhaps be intrigued enough to read on, hopfully commenting along the way but I would doubt there be many more than that. Also, why do I keep these other people in on this blog? What purpose have they served so far? True, vincents_child has done one or two posts but Milliway's? Nothing. Overall I have been the sole contributor to our little journal-of-sorts and part of me thinks it is time to claim it back.

Now, down to business. Due to the reasonable increase of funds I have gained due to my job...have I told you about my job? No, I don't think I have. Basically I am a McSlave. Okay? Good. Due to my job I have been getting money as per custom and following through with that custom exchanging the money earned for goods. one of these good is my brand new Logitech G15 keyboard. I am quite happy with this investment apart from not being able to work out how to get ammo displays and the like working. Any help on the matter from you, the reader, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hmmm...what else to say? I have found myslef addicted to Need for Speed Most Wanted and have just today completed it for the 4th time. I think it's done it's run and maybe I'll give it a rest...maybe. I also completed Quake 4 this week as it was the first week of my school holidays. Ah yes holidays. The few and far between times of year wherein students are able to do anything their age restricts them to without the constraint of school. Alas I find myself quite bored already. I have a limited selection of games all of them already used...must go shopping or to a LAN.

Coming up soon this month is Christmas. I will be spending this "merry" time of year with my family and "practically-family" (that group of close friends of your parents) . After Christmas comes New Years and I will be travelling south for my grandparents Golden Wedding Aniversary. Then I am free once again, depending on how much work wants my time.

So, until I have some more interesting or even slightly interesting news for you, faithful reader, adieu.