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Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Spirit Engine

First off: I <3 Mark Pay. If I ever saw him I would hug him. Seriously. This is how much I love this piece of freeware goodness.

The Spirit Engine is set in a fictional world where you take control of 3 people teleported at rather untimely moments from their respective lives to Hailey's Glen (a small, backwards island) where they are met with a mute fairy-looking creature. Upon arrival they quickly discover the normally placid animals have gone crazy and are attacking the coloners. All this behaviour is attributed to the appearance of a ravenous beast - The Grundlekrunck (or some such name). Walking into the first town the heros find that Rick Brutal, world famous slayer of legendary creatures, is on the job and so all bets are on him killing the Grundlkrunck.

And that's how it begins. The start of the first of 5 chapters in this epic journey from the country, through deserts, beaches, forests, catacombs, defiled churches, arcane libraries and a skyscraper to discover the answer to this question: "What is the Spirit Engine?"

My Rating: *****

What makes this even cooler is that Mark Pay is now making The Spirit Engine 2 which promises to be twice as big and complex as the original. The downside is that it won't be freeware and the price is looking at being around US$10. Not that I'll care, I'm going to get it anyway.

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  • The Spirit Engine 2