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Friday, June 09, 2006

OMG! I just realised!

This blog is now over 1 YEAR OLD!!!

Wow, this thing has stayed with me through two moves, to entirely different regions of th country, a computer and multiple formats and it's still here! I'd like to thank regular readers, if they exist and if I had to ask for one thing in the next year, it would be MORE COMMENTS!!!

Thanks to everybody.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Movie, Announcement and Music

First off is a movie:

That one is me playing through the first few levels of Doom II really fast using GZDoom. i have to use the mod because Fraps needs an OpenGL renderer and CLassic Doom uses software.

Next off: the announcement. My hard drive died, so no more movies untill I get it replaced.

And then: the music. A new 8-Bit playlist for all you fans out there. I don't have a "start listening from" reccomendation because my favourite tracks on this one aren't in any particular order. Okay, here's the playlist:
  • 8-Bit Playlist 3
  • Saturday, June 03, 2006

    And...Another one!

    More movies!

    This one was recorded using Fraps, so the only escuse I have for the crappyness of it is my own hunk o' junk computer and the fact that I still haven't worked out how to use Macromedia Director MX.

    Still Quake II, still me, the music in this one is "Sadam A Go-Go" by Gwar

    Another Movie!

    Hey, look! Another movie!

    This one was still recorded with ZD Soft Game Recorder, and therefore still crap.

    It's just me playing a bot that I made for Soldat, set on "Impossible" (hardest for the n00bs)


    I made movies! YAY! Only 3 so far, but more are definatley going to be coming.

    This is the first movie I made. Crap quality, using a crap program called ZD Soft Game Recorder. Don't bother using it, there's better stuff out there. Edited using Mindows Movie Maker. I would use Macromedia Dircetor, but I don't know how the thing works.

    Anyhoo, enough waffling, here's the movie: