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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

That was good.

The LAN party was great.

Freelancer and UT 2004 for 12 hours straight and I died a grand total of 7 (YES SEVEN) times.

Aren't I just the greatest?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Woo-Hoo and an AARRGGHH!

Heads or Tails. Woo-Hoo or AARRGGHH!

Tails. Okay.

I got a lot of new music, right, but one two of the tracks were melded so I spent all of this morning trying to seperate them. I know, it was just track seperation. Any idiot could do that.

But I kept on doing stupid things like I had just finished cropping, played the song through, thought "Oh, good. I'm done." and promptly closed the program. Without saving *slaps forehead*. So I did it all again only to have my system chuck a hissy fit and auto-shutdown giving me some crap about "NT USER ADMIN" finding some error. Making me have to do it all over again.

Okay. The Yay!

I'm going to an all-day LAN party sponsered by Michaels Computers Magnetic Island tomorrow (That's why I've got all the new music).

Problem is that for some strange reason I can't hear out of my right ear so I'm going to have a serious handicap (I rely on sound a lot in games). My gaming style is influenced greatly by what music I listen to.

i.e. If I listen to thrash metal, I become like a beserker, rushing into rooms guns blazing and the like.

Then again, if I listen to stuff like Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit I go into a sort of stealth mode and kill people without them knowing I was even in that half of the level.