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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Blargh :(

I'm sick. I don't know what it is, but it doesn't like me. I feel like I'm risking death to actually write this.

Anyhoo, not much has been happening in my little corner of the universe. My sister turned 18 yesterday and I got my hands on a new (old) computer. I've also tidied up the links, removing the superfluous ones.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Just a few things been happening recently...

Well, it may have been a while since my last entry, but I have good reason...honest! One of my friends got married, I went to a LAN, I went back to school and my computer died again. I found the cause of the problem this time!

Since I'm already on that topic, I'll talk about it first. Some of you may know that my computer is really dodgy. Can't seem to get the thing to work for much longer than a year without it crahing fatally. But, I've fixed the problem and found it quite amusingly. I was getting quite annoyed at it after the most recent crash so decided to start pulling out random parts to see what would work. I started with hard drives and then moved on to RAM. After pulling out my larger stick it actualy worked, so just to test it, I put the stick back in and turned it on again and to no surprise it didn't work. I proceeded to turn off the computer and then burn myself on a freshly super-heated stick of RAM. Fun. So now my RAM has been thirded but my system is much more stable (rather have the speed personally) and I have learned another very important lesson: don't tough IDE cables while the computer is on especially when downloading the most recent software updates. It can cause problems when your hard drive gets suddenly disconnected.

Now, what first? LAN or wedding? I'll go LAN because it's reasonably short. Basically it was over 24 hours long wherein we played UT 2k4 and NFS MW (both of which I pwned in, only lost one game of each). My racing skills are way better than I, or anyone else for that matter, expected when I beat a fully-done-up Vauxhall Munaro with an Audi Quattro TT with level 1 parts. Twice. UT was much more fun especially in the CTF-Joust map which is supposed to be played by 2 people with a relativley small capture limit. We played something like 6 a side and a capture limit of 8. It was total carnage in which I pwned by over 100 kills.

Now, the wedding. Nothing much to say other than I did some of the camera work. Here are some photos.